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Hello kids, I am Grandma Zuri. Welcome to my Kid's Bible stories on Audio.

I hope you'll love Grandma Zuri’s audio bedtime and all-time bible stories. Grandma Zuri wants you to enjoy these wonderful Bible stories. They are God's gift to you!


 Hi, I am GrandMa Zuri.


- Narration By Diane Bean - The Voice Talent 


 - Some Narration By author Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson


Grandma Zuri's Bible Stories (Audio Books)

I have wonderful bible stories to tell you and you will learn about God, how great and awesome He is. You will also learn about Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, Who died for you and me, so that we will go to Heaven when we die. You will also learn about God’s Holy Spirit Whom we receive when we accept Jesus Christ in our hearts as our Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is awesome…you can ask Him to help you pray and He can help you in many other ways. Just ask Him in prayer and He will help you.

When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, it means that you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave on the third day and went to Heaven to be with His Father who is God; God is also your Heavenly Father.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Is your answer Yes? Have you asked God to forgive your sins in the Name of Jesus Christ? Is your answer Yes?

If your answer is Yes, then that’s absolutely wonderful! This means that you are now born again. What does being born again mean? Does it mean you go back into your mom’s womb to be born again? No, it doesn’t mean that! To be born again means that you have become a new person in Jesus Christ. So, from this moment you will think and behave like Jesus.

To be able to behave like Jesus, you have to read your Bible and pray daily. The Holy Spirit will help you to pray. The Holy Spirit will also help you to be a good kid to your mom and dad, to your brother and sisters, to your teachers and friends, and to all people.



Grandma Zuri's Bible Stories for Kids

This is a Bible audio book Series created by  Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson and published  by Marble Tower Publishing, LLC.  

Grandma Zuri narrates her all-time, bedtime Bible stories especially for children.

Here are some of the stories:

How God Created the World

The Garden of Eden

The Ugly Snake that Deceived the World

When One Brother Hates Another (The Story about Cain and Abel)

Noah, A Man Blessed By God

A City With A Tower - The Tower of Babel

And many more on the way!

Where Can You Get Grandma Zuri's Bible Stories for Children?


<Coming Soon from Grandma Zuri>

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