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Meet Tafari - The Friendly Parrot

Hi, my name is Tafari and I am a Friendly Parrot.  Thanks for visiting my website


 and listen to the "Tafari Safari" song. 

Welcome to my Tafari Kid's Audio Book (KAB) Club. Actually, it's the Tafari Safari Kid's Audio Book it really sounds like a tongue twister, so let's just call it Tafari's KAB stories. Have you listened to any of Tafari's KAB stories?

This is how my stories start:


Welcome to the Tafari Kid's Audio Book Club. Hi, my name is Tafari, the friendly Parrot and welcome to my children’s audio book club, the Tafari Kid's Book Club. I love to tell Safari bedtime and alltime stories. My stories are about the beautiful African Safaris. I have many friends and bird cousins who live in the African Safaris.

You will meet one of my many cousins; her name is "Adanna"which means "father's daughter."

I’ve got lots of interesting and exciting Safari bedtime stories for you. I hope you’ll enjoy them.



Tafari Safari Kids Stories - Written and Created By Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson

Tafari's Original Song - Written By Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson 

Tafari's Original Song - Performed By Uche Aniagolu and Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson (Ebony Woodhouse Productions, LLC)

Tafari's Safari Stories Narration (Tafari's Voice)  - By Kevan Rabat (Voice Actor, ISDN Studio)

Tafari's Safari Stories Voice Modification & Sound Effects  - Hiyahite Studios


Where Can You Get Tafari KAB Stories?

You can get my stories from:


 <Coming Soon>

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