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Grandma Zuri's Bible Stories - Coming Soon!

How God Created the World

The Garden of Eden

The Ugly Snake that Deceived the World

When One Brother Hates Another (The Story about Cain and Abel)

Noah, A Man Blessed By God

A City With A Tower - The Tower of Babel

And many more on the way!


Tarfari Safari Stories - Coming Soon!

Akeelah - the Beautiful Peahen

Queen Amina Saves Mufaso - The Papa Lion

Nomza and Fitzgerald the Grasshopper

Toksie the Sneaky Tortoise and Kanza the Mountain Dog

Namono the Lizard and Pounded Yam Balls

More are on the way!


Kids Audio Books -  Grandma Zuri ABS and Tafari KAB Stories

 See Sample Covers Below. Please Purchase Audio Bible Stories from <Coming Soon!>

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