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Marble Tower Publishing has launched a children’s audio book publishing group. We are highly focused on quality educational children’s reading.

We publish children’s audio books that can engage children of every race, ethnicity and nationality, to facilitate development of their individual listening ability, as well as their creativity and imaginative learning.

Also, we publish creative writing (fiction and non-fiction) for children of all ages, which includes Bible stories on audio. 

We work with non-profit organizations that are interested in publishing creative works for children in the developing world.


The goals of the Marble Tower Children's Book Publishing Department are to:

Promote reading to children from the ages of two years and above (up to ten years);

Promote children’s quality reading, listening and learning ability (through audio books), especially among pre-primary and primary education school children;

Promote children’s understanding of and respect for people of all races and ethnicities through their reading of multi-ethnic books;

Make children's audi books a vital part of their educational and social goals through stories of multi-ethnic interest that will engage their minds. 


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